Tournament Archetype Emulator (Won by Amane Misa)


(approved by Sage and Kink, art by A Cake Wearing A Hat, cohosted by Twilight)

What if you had to place Blissey on HO? Or Froslass on Balance?
Test your luck with the Randomizer to see what combination you’ll have to fulfill in Archetype Emulator! In this tournament, each player individually will be given a viable Pokémon (with notable exceptions being Xatu and Venomoth noting the Viability Rankings) and an archetype that they must build before going into battle against their opponent. These requirements will be sent to them via PM and the player must PM their team to me or Twilight in order for us to check if their team is valid and matches all requirements given. Once the validation is complete, the player is ready to battle. In the first round, the 4 most pivotal archetypes of the tier will be featured: Bulky Offense, Balance, Stall, and Hyper Offense. After this round, the most selected archetype in the Randomizer will be removed and replaced with a more niche and restricting archetype. The order of these niche archetypes have been predetermined so be prepared and surprised at the crazier combinations you’ll have to formulate in the later rounds! Archetype Emulator shall test your teambuilding skills, flexibility, and versatility to see if you can build a solid group of Pokémon no matter the circumstance!
Tournament Rules:

  • This tournament is single elimination.
  • Battles will be Best out of One so make your singular battles count!
  • Suspect Test Results involving bans and Tier Shifts that raise a Pokémon or drop a new addition will only take effect in the subsequent round.
  • This similar rule applies to any unranked Pokémon ranked into the Viability Rankings that haven’t been included as an exception.
  • Matches must be played on Pokémon Showdown or Smogtours. There will be no exceptions.
  • Replays must be posted in this thread to confirm your win. Any wins without a replay posted will be void and not count. A rematch would have to be scheduled instead.
  • Players will be disqualified if they battle with incomplete requirements or if they did not PM their team beforehand to me or Twilight.
Sign ups will be up until Sunday. You may type in as a Subsitute once the tournament begins if you didn’t sign up but you still want to possibly participate. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me or Twilight on the forums or Pokémon Showdown. Type in and whatever puns you want to include to sign up!
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